On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have the honor to invite you to participate in the 12th International Scientific Conference EKSPLOBALIS_2023″ Innovations of military technology on the modern battlefield „, which will take place on May 15-17, 2023 in the Conference and Leisure Center Palace i Folwark Lochów.

The main purpose of the conference is to present the current results scientific research and the state of knowledge in the field of innovative military technology solutions, including the use of unmanned land platforms, operation and modernization of equipment military, ballistic protection of wheeled and tracked vehicles, military equipment, as well as indication of logistic needs in ministries responsible for security.

In addition, the conference will enable broadening knowledge in the field of armaments and modern military technologies. The program includes three plenary speeches discussion panels on: adapting the technical infrastructure to the requirements of the battlefield, control and diagnostic systems in the operation of military technology and impact of the armed conflict in Ukraine on allied and national military capabilities in terms of technical.

We hope that this year’s EKSPLOBALIS_2023 conference will be excellent an opportunity to broaden knowledge and exchange experiences in the field of construction and development of modern armaments and will give the opportunity to present innovative ones technological solutions in the field of hardware and systems issues control and diagnostics in the operation of military technology. We would like a conference has become a great place to establish cooperation that brings measurable benefits.

All up-to-date information on the event in question can be found here on the conference website: https://eksplobalis.witpis.eu and on the Institute’s website: http://www.witpis.eu/pl/ogoszenia/konferencje.

I cordially invite you to take part in this event.

Military Institute
of Armoured and Automotive Technology
Col Michał Ceremuga PhD Eng.