XIII International Scientific Conference EKSPLOBALIS_ 2024 DEFENSE TECHNOLOGIES – innovative solutions of modern military equipment”

The theme of this year’s conference focuses on the dynamic development of military technologies in the context of national defense and security, with an emphasis on innovation, autonomy, autonomization, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. The event aims to show the prospects for technological transformation and adaptation of military equipment to the rapidly changing realities of the modern battlefield. The issues discussed during the conference will concern all elements of military technology, including:

  • current battlefield challenges,
  • evolution of combat vehicles (wheeled and tracked),
  • unmanned systems and their dynamic development,
  • the use of artificial intelligence in combat vehicles,
  • new weapon systems and military equipment,
  • virtualization of military technology,
  • modern technologies and construction materials,
  • cyber security,
  • operational problems of military technology,
  • diagnostics in maintaining the suitability of military equipment,
  • innovations in safety engineering.